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back in the real world... [08 Jan 2005|08:00pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

My holiday was nice, it was nice to see my dad and my other family again, as well as a few of my old friends, as it always is. We made some ostensible plans to make a trip to Cancun for Spring Break, but nothing definite.

I had a pretty good Christmas...got a lot of presents. Though by far the best was the green i Pod mini that Sarah had gotten me...I think she just got that for me b/c she was probably going to end up marrying my dad, and wanted me to like her. Well, it worked...she's the best! I also got over 200 bucks...*cackles* Yeah, I'm putting that aside for some future retail therapy. Let's see..what else did I get? Oh, I got a Marlins BP jersey with Miguel Cabrera's name and number on it. How cool is that? I actually wore it on the flight home. Now I have one to match the Beckett one i bought right after the Marlins won the WS in '03.

I've been back in school for about a week, and I'm STILL not used to it yet. *sigh* Guess it gets like that when there's an extended vacation like that....*counting the days until Spring Break*

powerin' up the mojo... [16 Dec 2004|09:04am]
[ mood | content ]

Well, after some doubt, the Mariners finally signed Richie Sexson...As a Mariners fan, this makes me happy. If he could stay healthy, he would provide a badly-needed power boost. It would be nice to have someone besides Ichiro and maybe Dan Wilson actually HIT this year.

The M's are also after Carlos Delgado ad/or Adrian Beltre, though I don't know how realistic landng either one will be...would be nice, though.

Went back to the Mariners message board a couple of times this week...all these times remembering why I stopped reading it in the first place. Except for a few notable exceptions, that board is populated with a host of misanthropic nutcases....yeah, I know we just came off an unspeakably bad season, but geez. Think of this, "Yeah, we sucked last year...but at least they're not the Diamondbacks!" Haha, I remember when people used to make that crack about the Marlins....and some of the Braves teams in the 80s (well, I don't remember THAT, but what I've heard from people of how truly putrid those teams were)

Daaaammmnnn, that picture of Richie on seattlemariners.com is so freaking hot....i think i'mma gonna <3 this guy:)

And if the Mariners suck again, I can always look at him....*grins*

gawddamn, I can't wait to get outta here... [12 Dec 2004|04:26pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I redid my journal layout...kind of had to, after yesterday. Damn, it's going to be tough seeing Carl w/ the Yankees >_< Hell, I would have rather had him go to the Mariners, which were one of the teams he talked to. At least then I'd only be sad that he left the Marlins. Eh, this little teeny part of me is hoping the deal falls through, although that's unlikely..

So anyway, how d'you like my new header? *sigh* I love Josh Beckett...I shudder to think what I'd do if HE left. I think I'd cry for about a week, maybe longer...and of course, as it always is when I'm disappointed, copious amounts of chocolate would be consumed.

This is just a sucky weekend all around...but look at the bright side. At least this isn't happening RIGHT before Christmas.

aww shit... [11 Dec 2004|08:39pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

I just heard that Pavano just signed with the Yankees...knew he wasn't coming back, but damn...the Yankees? Eh, when the season start, it'll take some time getting used to seeing him in Yankee pinstripes. He'll be the one Yankee I actually like. But in all seriousness, I wish him well in the future...just not against the Marlins and/or the Mariners:)

*yawns* can't wait for Christmas... [05 Dec 2004|08:19pm]
[ mood | tired ]

blah, I'm utterly bored...everything's going so damn slow until i get out for Christmas break (one more week! *squeals*)...almost as soon as I get home from school that day, that night, I'll be on the plane back to Florida, where I'm spending the holidays with my dad. Counting the days, man, counting the days...

Hmm, what else? Oh...well, apparently, my giving up on the Bucs was premature. They're still in the hunt, and they won big today 27-0 vs the Falcons. I'm realistic enough to realize that they probably won't make the playoffs, but at least they're showing they're not going to go quietly.

"I spit in the face of people that don't want to be cool!" [01 Dec 2004|02:53pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Okay, FINALLY, the invaders are gone...heh, that's not a nice way of describing my mom's family, now is it? But really, when you have to share your personal living space with two little monsters, can you blame me? One of them actually BROKE a CD my friend had burned me...luckily, i remember the songs on it, but still...it was MINE!! God help me if I have children and they turn out that way...

*sigh* At least I get to spend Christmas with my Dad's family...

Oh, when me and my mom went to the supermarket to stock up for Thanksgiving and everyone coming over, I saw the funniest thing. We were in the and produce aisle, and my mom was picking up different kinds of vegetables and I was wandering around the area, kind of bored. Over by where they have the loose apples, two boys, about 10 or 12 years old were imitating Carlito Caribbean Cool, pretending to bite into the apples and spit it out the way he does. Hehehe, it was a pretty funny sight to see.

Kinda reminded me of when I was little and I used to imitate Hulk Hogan ripping his shirt off....ah, memories! Used to be an obessive wrestling fan when I was little...now though, not so much. I still watch it every once in awhile though not nearly as much as I used to.

Anyway, I'm frigging sick of the cold up here, and it's technically not even winter yet! We're supposed to get snow showers tomorrow and Friday...oh wonderful! *sarcasm* And to think, if I were back home in Florida, I'd stil be wearing shorts and flip-flops....

Another thing...Over the weekend, thr Giants signed Armando Benitez. Great, now what the hell are the Marlins gonna do for a closer? In all likelyhood, we could be losing Pavano as well...although I still hold out a slim hope that he'll come back. If he doesn't tho, I just hope he doesn't go to the Yankees...once a player goes to the Yankees, it seems like their soul gets sucked out (RE: Jason Giambi...he used to be so cool before! Also RE: A-Rod, although after that disgusting display in the ALCS, I'm starting to doubt he had a soul to begin with...) , and I don't want that to happen to him.

survey stolen from...someone [28 Nov 2004|12:24am]
[ mood | cranky ]

survey for your viewing pleasureCollapse )

fairly anti-climactic... [26 Nov 2004|08:19am]
[ mood | grateful ]

Well yesterday wasn't exactly the nightmare I thought it would be...

No fights, the police didn't need to be called...all in all, it was a pretty good Thanksgivng despite it's potential insanity.

My mom outdid herself on the dinner...everything was pretty yummy. I ate so much, I thought I wouldn't have room for dessert! Nah, I always have room for desert *grins*

Thank God though, this weekend people will start leaving...I'm looking forward to having my house back!

not dead..yet! [24 Nov 2004|10:19pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Ahh, I haven't been on in more than a month! I'm so sorry...it's just that right after my last entry, I started getting a lot of schoolwork, like projects and stuff and while that was going on, I barely had time to get on the computer, let alone on LiveJournal.

When that was over and handed in in the beginning of the month, my mom decided to have her family's Thanksgiving at our house. Keep in mind that my mom's family is flung out all over the country. Pretty much since it turned over to November, we've been preparing for it. Starting last week, relatives have been flying in from all over. I have to share my room with my three younger cousins, who are total brats. Jut yesterday, I caught them using my CDs as Frisbees! Ahhh *tears out hair*

Tomorrow's the big day...chances are high that dinner will probably degenerate into an arguement of some kind. This would be funny as hell if it wasn't happening to me >_<

At least my mom promised me I could spend Christmas with my dad back in Miami....i'm spending the entire winter break, including Christmas down there! That, at least, I have to look forward to

this is embarrasing... [18 Oct 2004|12:50am]
[ mood | disappointed ]

You know, I've never ONCE given up on one of my teams in any sport early in the season. I'm an optimist by nature...i don't believe that i should give up until my teams are mathematically eliminated/eliminated for good in the post-season. But even I have my limits....

The Dolphins are 0-5...0-5!! The only NFL team without at least one win. It's embarrasing, I tell you. They SUCK!! It's gotten so bad, I can't bring myself to watch the game. I watched today's game until about he middle of the 2nd quarter and I turned it off. It really, really sucks to know that your team is out of contention for anything so early. Now I kind of know how D-Rays fan(s?) feel...^_~ I'm not even sure God can help the Dolphins win right now...

The Bucs aren't much better, at 1-4 but at least they have a win! And they don't have a revolving door at QB.

*sigh* Football is not my friend this season...

One good thing that happened today...the Astros pulled even with the Cardinals, winning 6-5 to tie the NLCS at 2 games apiece. I would LOVE it if the Astros got to the World Series...I think they have a great shot at it, too. Will they win it, if they get there...I'm not predicting anything. But I really, really hope so!

LCS thoughts... [13 Oct 2004|07:31am]
[ mood | high ]

To be perfectly honest, I couldn't give a rat's a$$ about the Red Sox vs Yankees thing...beyond a desire to see the Yankees lose, I don't really care. I'm more interested in the NLCS, anyways. I SO want the Astros to win it...I can see a lot of paralels between 'em and my Marlins last year. Given up for dead post-All Star break...playing unbelievably the last few months of the season. How could I NOT root for them? The Cards, though, they scare the living crap out of me...especially considering that they won over 100 games this year, with the exception of maybe Morris, with mediocre starting pitching. It's that offense that can put up a lot of runs in a short period of time that's scary. That is what I think killed the Marlins this year...the offense was too inconsistent. You can have the best pitching in the league, but if you can't put runs on the board in a consistant manner, you're toast.

So anyways..GO ASTROS!!! (...and Red Sox *shh!)

at least the OTHER Godzilla died at the end... [07 Oct 2004|12:31am]
[ mood | groggy ]

Football hasn't been very good to me so far this year:( Both my Bucs and Fins are in the toilet, and it's only Week Five. This really sucks...i'm starting to consider not watching the games. It's too painful...like getting socked in the kidneys every Sunday.

Stayed up to watch the Twins-Yankees game...which the bad guys (Yankees) won on a sac fly by Matsui in the 13th. Damnit, damnit, damnit!! I think I jinxed the Twins, when I commented in baseball_hunks about praying to God, that if he made the Yankees lose, I'd build several *model* churches in his honor. Maybe I should have made it real churches...

Minor brain fart in my last entry...i didn't realize the Astros-Braves game was played in the afternoon. Thought it started at 8. D'oh! But the Astros still won, 9-3, so it's cool:)

it just isn't the same... [06 Oct 2004|07:03pm]
[ mood | blah ]

I'm not really interested in the AL playoffs, mostly cuz i'm an NL girl at heart, and my AL team is not in it. The Marlins were eliminated in the last week of the season; the Mariners were out of it in June. Though I would like to see the Twins beat the Yankees...any team that beats the Yankees has a special place in my widdle heart:)

What i'm really interested in is tonight's series opener between the Astros and the Braves. Even though they had to go through my Marlinsto do it, I'm really impressed with the Astros. After people leaving them for dead after the All-Star Break, they rallied back to win the WC. Pretty impressive, no? The Marlins kind of did the same thing last year, i think. So Astros all the way!!

by George, he's done it! [01 Oct 2004|11:24pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

Ichiro led off the 1st inning with his 257th hit, which tied George Sisler's single season hits record...then in the 3rd, he got his 258th, breaking it. I was following the game on GameDay and when he'd gotten it, i shouted out, and then i fell over out of my desk chair -_- Wish I'd been able to see the game though...if my mom had shelled out money for the Extra Innings package, i probably would be watching it. But i think there's this thing where you can buy whole games on DVD...i'm SO doing that.

But anyway...congrats, Ichiro! Amazing, really. Thanks for giving Mariners fans a reason NOT to committ suicide this season....*smirks*

[29 Sep 2004|09:51am]
[ mood | resigned ]

Even though they've won two straight, the Marlins are effectively eliminated from postseason contention

Do I blame the occasionally anemic offense which seemed unable at times to pick up the slack left in the wake of the losses of Pudge Rodriguez and Derrek Lee? No.

With the exception of Pavano, injuries and inconsistency from the starting ptiching? Eh, maybe...but no.

What i really blame this all on is, and you may be surprised by this:


Yeah, it's her fault, and let me tell you why...

Before all the shit with the hurricanes and all, the Marlins weren't doing that bad. Coming into August, they were riding a 10 game winning streak, i think...then Charley hit, wiping out a crucial series wth the Cubs which would result in a doubleheader, which they split. Then right after that, Frances hit, wiping out their home series with the Expos, forcing them to play the doubleheader in US Cellular Field at home.

After that, the Marlins weren't the same...most often, the pitching is there, but the offense has disappeared. Most notably(and frustratingly) Saturday night, when by all rights, Pavano SHOULD have had his 18th win, making him the only Marlin pticher to ever win 18 games.

*sighs* Let's just finish out the season on a high note, please?

RE: veins popping out of my head [27 Sep 2004|03:49pm]
[ mood | weird ]

Upon further review, the starting lineup for Saturday's Marlins game, except for Miguel Cabrera, should all be lined up and repeatedly kicked in the family jewels for that pathetic show of offensive incompetence and for robbing Pavano of his 18th win.


the veins on my neck are popping out... [25 Sep 2004|09:17pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

WTF is wrong with the Marlins?! Guys, just b/c you're out of the WC race, doesn't mean you should just quit!! Pavano pitched a hell of a game....he had a no-hitter going into the 7th for crissakes. He should have WON this game!! But suprise, suprise, he didn't because the offense crapped out on him. Again. *bangs head against the wall*

The only slight glimmer of hope I have left in the baseball season is the hope that i get to see Ichiro break the single season hit record. He will, too...unless pitchers start intentionally walking him like they do to Barry Bonds.

tounge planted firmly in cheek on this one... [25 Sep 2004|03:59pm]
[ mood | cheeky ]

^ I made that icon this morning, out of boredom. Yeah, another smart ass hurricane icon brought to you by Geneva. I have one from when Charley hit, too.

I'm SO going to hell for this!

those motherfuckers did it again.... [25 Sep 2004|12:36am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Dear Marlins Bullpen(except for Benitez),

FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



oh that's just perfect... [24 Sep 2004|03:07pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Last night's game was the most excruciating game imaginable...Beckett didn't do all that well, unfortunately. He gave up five runs, walked six guys and gave up a monster HR to Thome. By that point, the Marlins were still leading 6-5. Then the bullpen couldn't hold the lead, and they kept getting the lead, only to lose it again ,until it went into extras and they finally lost. Jesus Christ, the Marlins have OWNED the Phillies at home, and now they got swept by them. FUCK, FUCK ,FUCK!!!!!!!! So now they're out of contention >:0

On top of that, another hurricane is going to hit Florida...Hurricane Jeanne. Half-jokingly, I told my mom that the reason why Florida was getting hit by so many hurricanes this year was because I moved. She just looked at me like I was crazy and told me it was just a coicidence. I thought that too, but the news of this latest storm kind of makes me think a little...

Speaking of my mom, I got in a fight with her on Monday night. She didn't like the dress i picked out for homecoming, saying it made me look slutty and stuff. I told her to pick me out a dress she liked, and she did...it was this Cinderellaeque pink ball-gown that looked like a wedding dress. I told her straight out that there was no way I was wearing that. Then we got into a fight in the middle of the store, and then we just left. It was SO humiliating! Now I don't know what the hell I'm gonna do for a dress! I hate my mom sometimes *grumbles*

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